An immortal catgirl wakes up in a certain abandoned facility, What has happened to this world?


Control :

Movement ; Arrow keys

Attack : X

Jump : Z

Heal : F

Menu : E


This is a Game made for Magical girl game jam #MGGJ MGGJ3

I don't know how I managed to make all this alone in a month but here we are. 

There may be some grammar mistakes and typo in the dialogue, English is not my native language, I'll probably fix them later, The ending is also quite lacking I'll also might add something more later.



Art ; All except font is made by me (Font used : rainyHeart, VCR_OSD_MONO )

Music /SFX: Free : M-Art, Wingless seraph, Bought :  Ultimate Sound FX Bundle

Development log


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This game was awesome! I enjoyed the whole experience and loved the art, the characters are amazing and their personalities were interesting, I hated the spider boss with all my soul lol. One of the best games for the Magical Girl Jam. I wish to see a continuation of this game as I found it really entertaining and I hope to see the characters again. 10/10 good job :)


I believe in CatGirls supremacy


Very Fun! I killed the big spider and got the cat climb. But after that it bug out and my character began to float in the air. Had fun tho! Keep it up!

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If you don't mind, can you tell me how or where the bug happened?

Thanks for the feedback

Just after get the cat climb. Was climbing and I think I cat dash. After that she started to float up. Was able to move a bit and Cat Dash would fix it. But then I attack in mid air and got stuck in the ceiling. Hope this helps.


thanks, This will help